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Niagara Falls Ant Control Services

Protect Your Property & Loved Ones from These Destructive Pests

Several types of ants are common in Niagara County in New York If you live or work in any of these counties, you have probably had issues with ants coming into your home. Ants not only look displeasing when they trail across your floors, walls, and kitchen counters, yet several types of ants can also cause extensive damage to your home.

Many people try to get rid of ants by on their own. That doesn’t always work because ants can avoid the products that do-it-yourself homeowners use. For a real solution, you need to bring in the pest prevention specialists.

Here at Niagara Frontier Exterminating, our team have the proper solutions for the job. Our Niagara Falls ant control team members have extensive training and expertise. We know how to efficiently clear your residential property of ant intruders. The first thing we do is identify the type of ant you have in your home.

Here are some of the ants our clients may often encounter in New York:

Need an ant exterminator in Niagara Falls? To schedule an inspection, give our team a call today at (716) 466-6130.

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Whenever you have an ant invasion in your home or commercial business, don’t wait! The sooner you deal with it, the more problems you will avoid. Call Niagara Frontier Exterminating and our team will be glad to answer your questions and clarify how the process works. Our trained professionals will detect the type of ants that have infested your property and develop a plan to get rid of them. We are committed to doing a fantastic job so that you can get the most pleasure out of your home. Based in Niagara Falls, NY, our company proudly serve clients throughout New York, including Expressway Village Mobile Home Park, Varsity Village, Pletchers Corners, Maple Estates Mobile Home Park, La Salle, Cayuga Village Mobile Home Park, Lewiston Heights, Rumsey Ridge, Colonial Village, Black Creek Village, and surrounding cities.

Talk to our team today to learn more about our Niagara Falls Ant Control Services. We back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Niagara Falls Pest Control Services understands how important it is to protect your home and business.

Ant Control

Ants can be found throughout the country and are destructive to food and property. Bringing illnesses and health risks into your home is possible. Some ants can sting and are dangerous in some parts of the USA. The first step toward removing an ant infestation in your home in Niagara Falls is to determine the species of ant that is present. There are different types of ants, and understanding the differences between them is necessary to determine the proper control method that should be used to eliminate ants from your home.. DIY ant control methods are normally ineffective. Our professionals can help with ant extermination and make suggestions on the best solution for your issue.

Bed Bug Control

Exterminating bed bugs can be difficult, and many over-the-counter products do not eliminate bedbugs or do not work because many people do not know what to treat or where to look. Treatments from a bedbug removal specialist are necessary for almost all infestations. The extermination procedure we use at Niagara Falls Pest Control is effective in getting rid of bedbugs because our extermination procedures employ the most sophisticated methods and products. To help you prepare for the bedbug treatment process, we have provided a comprehensive list of steps to assist. If you have a bed bug problem, call 716-466-6130 for a free bed bug inspection.

Roach Control

Normally, cockroaches prefer warm, damp environments and spend their daylight hours in dark, remote sites underneath refrigerators, under stoves, between walls, and between flooring and baseboards. They are also found behind pictures and within electronic equipment. Most of these openings will ultimately lead to voids in the walls. In the evening, the pests leave these areas foraging for food and water. There can be indications that there is a large infestation if roaches can be seen throughout the day. Don't let cockroaches ruin your house another day. We can be reached at 716-466-6130 right now!

Bee Control

It isn't true that all bees sting unless they are provoked, but they do get a bad rap when it comes to pests. However, bees can pose a threat if they nest near your home or workplace. You need to resolve a bee problem right away if you experience it. When you have an allergy to bee stings in your household, these pests can cause serious health problems. The most effective way to get rid of bees or to remove a hive is to hire a professional. We recommend contacting our bee extermination specialists at 716-466-6130.

Mice Control

We will gladly assist you in resolving any mice issues and problems at 716-466-6130. To get a quote for mice removal, the mouse treatment professional will inspect your property. The habit of mice eating pet food and human food can cause contamination issues, in addition to causing damage to structures. Preventing the spread of disease is a must if you suspect you have a mouse problem. Our rodent extermination experts can help!

Flea Removal Services

Most property owners would agree that there is absolutely nothing worse than discovering you have fleas. When we make contact with animals, we are both at risk. The drug can cause many medical problems in animals, including skin irritation, hair loss, and dermatitis. In humans, fleas may burrow into their hair, causing itching. Niagara Falls Pest Control uses tested flea removal to protect your family members. We can provide you with a free quote at Niagara Frontier Exterminating.

Rat Control

What do you need from experienced rat exterminators? Do you have an infestation of rats in your house? Rats carry diseases and can cause property damage and destruction. In the area, they're one of the most commonly found rodents and also one of the most difficult to eliminate. We offer rat extermination services that will ensure you stay one step ahead of rodent infestations. In addition to residential and commercial rodent control, our rodent control pros use some of the most effective strategies to help eliminate rodents without harming your children.

Rodent Control

Enduring a rodent infestation can be extremely frustrating for house owners, especially if they have never dealt with any type of rodents before. In general, rodents like rats and mice enter homes to find food or to flee harsh weather. It is not uncommon for rodents to cause substantial property damage and threaten residents' health. Rodents carry fleas and other parasites, as well as spread germs through contaminated surfaces. We provide free quotes for rodent control at Niagara Falls NY if you notice any signs of rodents inside your home or business.

Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes can interfere with outdoor parties, barbecues, and other outdoor activities. Local homeowners rely on our mosquito spraying experts to fully enjoy the pleasant weather conditions. It is not just a nuisance that mosquitoes cause; they can also pose a threat. It is possible to enjoy our state's beautiful weather conditions by getting rid of mosquitoes from your residential or commercial property. This helps you and your family avoid the harmful diseases carried by these insects. Contact our mosquito extermination specialists to get started.

Termite Inspection

It is never fun to discover that termites have damaged your home. The termites are destructive insects that cause a considerable amount of damage to homes before they are discovered. Since home insurance rarely covers termite damage, it is even more important for homeowners to protect their properties from wood-destroying organisms. Termites must be treated immediately when they are found. It is our courteous termite experts' job to identify what type of termites you are dealing with, and then implement a plan that will exterminate the issue. You should act now instead of waiting until it's too late. Speak to us today for a free termite inspection!

Spider Exterminator

The owners of property here in Niagara County should be aware that spiders can pose a threat to their property. Having spiders around the house can be very dangerous. Typically, spiders create unsightly webs near windows, doors, and ceilings. Although most spiders are not poisonous, they might bite if threatened. Symptoms of a spider bite commonly include swelling and itching. Getting rid of spiders from your house will prevent spider bites. Let our experts handle spiders at your house if you notice them. With years of experience eliminating spiders in Niagara Falls New York, we can remove your spider problems once and for all.

Tick Removal

Ticks are parasitic insects, which means they feed off of the blood of their hosts. The thing about tick management is that they are constantly brought onto your property by wild animals that cross it. We offer tick control services at Niagara Falls Pest Control that will decrease the tick population in your residential or commercial property. Contact us now if you need tick control at Niagara Falls NY. Since our company has been in business for years, we've discovered the best and most effective strategies to eliminate tick issues. This will let your family enjoy the outdoors without worrying about unsightly visitors.

Wasp Control

Wasps are among the most dangerous pests out there, and the most dangerous part is that they tend to nest near homes. Yellowjackets sting every spring in backyards all over the Niagara Falls region. There are various kinds of wasps and many of them will be a nuisance around your house. In most cases, noticing a yellow jacket near your house is the most obvious sign of an infestation. Make sure your home's walls and eaves are free of wasp nests. Avoid getting too close to wasps, since some are quite aggressive. Yellowjacket stings can be deadly for people who are allergic to them. Get in touch with a wasp control company if you see a nest of wasps on your residential or commercial property. Unless you have the knowledge and experience to deal with these pests, you should never attempt to cope with them on your own.

Commercial Pest Control Service

You know how imperative commercial pest control is for protecting your investment and livelihood from rodents and pests. From preserving a favorable reputation to increasing your income, your customers are at the heart of what you do. Pests and rodents in your property can negatively impact your business and your image. Additionally, they can pose severe risks to your employees and clients, as well as your business's safety. Even though bugs and rodents are typically small, their effect on your business’s bottom line can be enormous. We have experience with commercial pest control for all kinds of commercial and industrial buildings, so you're in luck, including industrial machinery, airplane hangars, medical offices, restaurants, parking garages, apartment buildings, supermarkets, high rises, institutions, health care facilities, houses of worship, condos, shopping centers, ranches, shopping malls, municipal buildings, banks, night clubs, warehouses, nursing homes, movie theatres, association complexes, schools, parking decks, hospitals, offices, industrial plants, daycare centers, and more.

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