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Differentiating a Mouse and Rat Infestation in Your Home

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At some point in our lives, we have all experienced a moment of absolute horror while watching a mouse skitter across the floor. There is no shame in saying that, while mice are adorable in some circumstances, they are arguably the most frightening thing to see unexpectedly in the afternoon. While mice might be frightening, witnessing rats can be even more frightening. Here are some techniques for determining whether your home is infested with mice or rats gnawing through your furniture.

The Smell

The stench of mouse urine is one of the more overpowering and obvious indications of a rodent infestation. Often, we can detect the aroma of mice’s pee, although it is insignificant in comparison to rat urine. You may be wondering how you will notice the difference. Assume that when your cupboard begins to smell like days-old cheese out of nowhere, you have rats rather than mice.

However, if the infestation has progressed to the point where you can smell the rodents in your home, discussing which rodent is scurrying around in your home may be futile. Therefore, give our staff a call to ensure that your home does not smell like a dumpster.

There Size

Because rats are substantially larger than mice, the easiest method to distinguish them is to locate the running rodents. Mice are typically four inches long with short tails, however, rats can grow to be eighteen inches long. We can already hear your eyes rolling, but what’s crucial to remember about their size is that if you’re unable to identify the rodents, their droppings may provide a clue.

The presence of rodent droppings provides information on the size of the animal that vacated the space. Typically, mouse droppings are little, less than a half-inch in diameter. Rat droppings, on the other hand, can be greater than a half-inch in diameter, practically the size of rice grains.

Chew and Claw Markings

While both mice and rats will wreak havoc on your pantry and furniture, you can tell them apart by their chew marks. Rats frequently leave larger teeth marks on items or surfaces, whereas mice leave tiny teeth impressions. If you observe little scratches and chew marks on a surface, you most certainly have mice.

Make an effort to be aware of any cables or other furniture that may be in your home. Mice may leave few traces on your furniture since they prefer softer material for their nests, but rats are a different story. Rats are capable of chewing through a wide variety of hard surfaces, and if you see frayed cable or even holes in your drywall, you may have a new rat buddy.

Exterminating Rodents

Whether you have rats or mice in your home, you may be wondering how to keep these furry pests out. To be sure, the best course of action is to maintain a tidy home free of clutter. Cleaning your home regularly stops rodents from discovering food in your trash or wherever else you’ve eaten recently. Even routine sweeping can assist in deterring rodents from seeking sanctuary in your home.

Check for leaks in your pipes, as rodents will use the additional moisture to create nests nearby. Take the time to seal any food that is not refrigerated! While rats may be able to chew through some packages, leaving food exposed or incorrectly closed makes it simpler for rodents to locate your food. Finally, attempt to seal any cracks or holes that you discover throughout your property. Rodents will enter your home through holes in your windows and walls if you are not paying attention.

At Niagara Frontier Exterminating, rodent control is one of our specialties. Give us a call at (716) 466-6130 and we’ll ensure that your house remains rodent-free!


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